This was a pleasurable experience. The hygienist that cleaned my teeth did a very thorough job and was quite pleasant. They provided me with good service and explained to me my overall dental health.

Luanna D.

Great job! I was on time for my appointment and had no wait time. I was very pleased with the dental work provided. Everyone there makes you feel welcome and appreciated.

Kevin A.

Terrific that I could get in so quickly and get help with a broken tooth. Wonderful assistance, love how friendly and courteous everyone is and how the problem was resolved to my complete satisfaction.

Samuel E.

Just wanted to take a minute and say thank you to Dr. Hale and staff for the awesome job you all did on my teeth. I was pleasantly surprised when Dr. Hale called me a couple of days later to make sure I was doing alright. Thanks again.

David W.

My first visit to the dentist was very friendly and comforting. Everyone explained what the procedure was and what was happening. It was the first time where I did not ask for any type of pain medication before the cleaning. Definitely would recommend the Dr. and her staff to anyone looking for excellent service and care.

James F.

I was very impressed with the measures taken at my first cleaning appointment. My dental hygienist did a thorough job. She and Dr. Hale took time to study my teeth and to ask for my input after completing the job, unlike some who ask questions when my mouth is full of equipment! Warm and friendly atmosphere. Follow up was good.

Linda B.

My eye tooth was in bad shape and would also need a crown. I was thrilled and delighted with Dr. Alice Hale and her competent staff. I was treated professionally and with the most updated care available! In three hours I was done, “crowned” and the tooth looked like it had been there always. I went out to dinner that night in total comfort. I highly recommend her!!!

Marilyn L.